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Signals of range expansions and contractions of vascular plants in the high Alps: observations (1994–2004) at the GLORIA*master site Schrankogel, Tyrol, Austria. Glob. 50 Change Biol 2007 13 0 147-156 No Disponible -
Sn assessment of aboveground net primary productivity in Andean grasslands of central Ecuador. 83 Mountain Research and Development 2001 21 2 161-167 No Disponible páramos, producción primaria
Soil CO2 emissions from Northern Andean páramo ecosystems: effects of fallow agriculture. 39 Environmental Science and Technology 2008 42 5 1 408-1 415 No Disponible páramos, suelos
Soil moisture and the upper altitudinal limit of giant paramo rosettes. 108 Journal of Biogeography 1987 14 0 173-186 No Disponible páramos, suelos, flora
Soil organic carbon and water retention after conversion of grasslands to pine plantations in the ecuadorian Andes. 4 Ecosystems 2004 7 0 729-739 No Disponible biomasa, forestación, páramos, suelos
Spatial and temporal rainfall variability in mountainous areas: a case study from the South Ecuadorian Andes. 32 Journal of Hydrology 2006 329 0 413-421 páramos
Spatial variation of suspended sediment concentrations in a tropical Andean river system: the Paute river, southern Ecuador. 153 Geomorphology 2007 87 1 53-67 No Disponible páramos, suelos
Strong effects of a plantation with Pinus patula on Andean subparamo vegetation: a case study from Colombia. 76 Biological Conservation 2003 114 0 207-218 No Disponible páramos, forestación
Succession, regeneration, and stability in high Andean ecosystems and agroecosystems: the rest-fallow strategy in the páramo de Gavidia, Mérida, Venezuela. 0 Geographica Bernesia 1991 0 0 151-157 No Disponible -
Successional dynamics of soil characteristics in a long fallow agricultural system of the High Tropical Andes. 132 Soil Biology and Biochemestry 2002 34 0 1 739-1 748 No Disponible páramos, suelos, uso de la tierra/ocupación
Temperature sensitivity of soil carbon decomposition and feedbacks to climate change. 152 Nature 2006 440 0 165-173 No Disponible suelos
The Andes basins: biophysical and developmental diversity in a climate of change. 70 Water International 2010 35 5 472-479 -
The effect of climate change on global potato production. 17 American Journal of Potato Research 2003 80 0 271-280 -
The effects of afforestation and cultivation on water yield in the Andean páramo. 30 Forest Ecology and Management 2007 251 1 22-30 No Disponible páramos, forestación
The floristic composition and biogeographical significance of a megadiverse páramo site in the southern ecuadorian Andes. 93 Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 2008 135 4 554-570 páramos, flora
The genus Espeletia: a study in phylogenetic taxonomy. 119 Brittonia 1935 1 0 479-530 No Disponible páramos, flora
The Holocene treeline in the northern Andes (Ecuador): First evidence from soil charcoal. 68 Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 2008 259 1 17-34 páramos, bosque andino
The hydrology of Tropical Andean ecosystems: importance, knowledge status, and perspectives. 33 Mountain Research and Development 2009 29 4 350-355 páramos, forestación, bosque andino
The influence of land use changes on the hydrological properties of volcanic ash soils in South Ecuador. 130 Soil Use and Management 2002 18 0 94-100 No Disponible páramos, suelos, uso de la tierra/ocupación
The Pleistocene changes of vegetation and climate in tropical South América. 120 Journal of Biogeography 1974 1 0 3-26 No Disponible páramos, palinología/paleoecología
The potential negative impacts of global climate change on tropical montane cloud forests. 0 Earth-Science Reviews 2001 55 0 73-106 No Disponible -
The use and conservation of natural resources in the Andes of southern Ecuador. 126 Mountain Research and Development 1991 11 1 37-55 No Disponible páramos, uso de la tierra/ocupación
Towards understanding of carbon stocks and stabilization in volcanic ash soils in natural Andean ecosystems of northern Ecuador. 164 European Journal of Soil Science 2010 61 0 392-405 No Disponible páramos, biomasa, suelos
Tracing increasing tropical Andean glacier melt with stable isotopes in water. 155 Environmental Science and Technology 2007 41 0 6 955-6 960 No Disponible glaciar
Tree-line changes along the Andes: implications of spatial patterns and dynamics. 89 Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. B: Biological Sciences 2007 362 0 263-272 No Disponible páramos, zonificación, bosque andino
Trends, stability and stress in the Colombian Central Andes. 8 Climatic Change 2012 112 0 717-732 No Disponible páramos, glaciar, neblina
Tropical alpine plant ecology. 112 Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics 1987 18 0 137-158 No Disponible páramos, flora
Ultra-high resolution pollen record from the northern Andes reveals rapid shifts in montane climates within the last two glacial cycles. 145 Climate of the Past 2011 7 0 299-316 No Disponible páramos, bosque andino, palinología/paleoecología
Un modelo de sucesión-regeneración de los páramos después de quemas. 128 Caldasia 1997 19 0 331-345 No Disponible páramos, quema, regeneración
Uncertainties in climate change projections and regional downscaling in the tropical Andes: implications for water resources management. 10 Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 2010 14 0 1 247-1 258 No Disponible páramos
Unidades biogeográficas de Colombia. 107 Acta Zoológica Mexicana 1992 0 0 105-152 No Disponible páramos, zonificación
Upper forest line reconstruction in a deforested area in northern Ecuador based on pollen and vegetation analysis. 121 Journal of Tropical Ecology 2002 18 0 409-440 No Disponible páramos, bosque andino, palinología/paleoecología
Upslope migration of andean trees. 18 Journal of Biogeography 2011 38 0 783-791 No Disponible bosque andino, flora
Variabilidad climática, cambio climático y el recurso hídrico en Colombia. 60 Revista de Ingeniería 2012 36 0 60-64 recurso hídrico
Vegetation disturbance and human population in Colombia regional reconstruction. 114 Antiquity 2004 78 0 828-838 No Disponible páramos, palinología/paleoecología
Vegetation patterns, regeneration rates and divergence in an old-field succession of the high tropical Andes. 23 Plant Ecology 2003 166 0 63-74 No Disponible páramos, regeneración
Vegetation structure and temperature regimes of tropical alpine treelines. 139 Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research 2007 39 0 353-364 No Disponible páramos, temperatura
Water balance and soil loss under long fallow agriculture in the venezuelan Andes. 15 Mountain Research and Development 2000 20 3 246-253 No Disponible páramos, suelos
Water for cities: the impact of climate change and demographic growth in the tropical Andes. 31 Water Resources Research 2012 48 8 W08503 http://onlinelibrary.wiley.... páramos, demografía/migración, servicios ambientales
Water repellency of volcanic ash soils from ecuadorian paramo: effect of water content and characteristics of hydrophobic organic matter. 131 European Journal of Soil Science 2004 55 0 487-496 No Disponible páramos, suelos, uso de la tierra/ocupación


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