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This report describes IUCN knowledge products focusing on those which incorporate the spatial distribution of biodiversity information on the land and in the sea. Such knowledge is used to underpin conservation, restoration, marine and land use planning and natural resource management. In addition to the four area-based knowledge products, IUCN has critical information on invasive species available through the Global Invasive Species Database (GISD). Additional knowledge products that inform effective governance of biodiversity and ecosystem services include ECOLEX: the Gateway to Environmental Law, and the IUCN Green List of Well-Managed Protected Areas. IUCN is also developing the IUCN Natural Resource Governance Framework and the IUCN Index of Human Dependency on Nature.
IUCN is offering these knowledge products to IPBES as a contribution to establishing a firm strategic partnership, support the developing of the IPBES workplan and thereby deliver crucial information for decision-makers.

Bases de datos sobre conservación

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