There in no such thing as biopiracy... And it is a good thing too






Chen, Jim, There\'s No Such Thing as Biopiracy ... And It\'s a Good Thing Too. McGeorge Law Review, Vol. 37, 2006; Minnesota Public Law Research Paper No. 05-29.


Despite its implausibility the biopiracy narrative dominates legal scholarship on the commercialization of products whose development can be traced to a developing country.  The time has come, in short, to dismantle the myth of biopiracy root and branch. This article takes a modest first step towards deconstructing the biopiracy narrative. It will assess claims of biopiracy according to the layered model of information platforms. Every information platform consists in three information layers (physical, logical and content). Layer by layer the author will strip the biopiracy narrative of its plausibility. This article concludes by briefly considering what the proponents of this narrative have been seeking and how the global community might give the global south what it needs. Bioprospecting will remain part of the global community’s portfolio of tools for protecting the biosphere, countries, rich and poor, should develop a framework for regulating this practice and cooperate in encouraging the professionalization of parataxonomy.

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