Global Enviromental Outlook 3







UNEP, 2002, Global enviromental outlook 3, United Nations Environment Programme, London, United Kingdom.


With this report (Global Environment Outlook 3, GEO-3: Past, Present and Future Perspectives) the United Nations Environment Programme, itself a legacy of the Stockholm Conference, has once again fulfilled its cardinal responsibility to present, in clear, accessible terms, the challenges we face in safeguarding the environment and moving towards a more sustainable future. Since the conference in 1972, the natural environment has borne the stresses imposed by a fourfold increase in human numbers and an 18-fold growth in world economic output. Despite the wealth of technologies, human resources, policy options, and technical and scientific information at our disposal, humankind has yet to break decisively with unsustainable and environmentally unsound policies and practices. What emerges from the data, analysis and forecasts contained in this report is the compelling need to go beyond taking stock to taking action.

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