The Farmers\' Rights Project Background Study 3: Farmers\' Rights in Peru A Case Study





Muller Ruiz, Manuel (2006)The Farmers’ Rights Project – Background Study 3: Farmers’ Rights in Peru – A Case Study, SPDA,GTZ,Fridtjof Nansen Institute.


The present study is one of the four country case studies, Peru, Ethiopia, India and Norway, and provides an in-depth analysis of the situation of farmers’ rights in Peru, the barriers and options to their further realization and an overview of national stakeholder perceptions. Peru has adopted extensive legislation affecting farmers’ rights, which enables to draw important lessons for the aplication of these rights, as well as in other countries with similar legislation. The study shows that the current legislation on access to genetic resources and the protection of traditional knowledge is not necessarily conducive to farmers’ rights, but that it may pave the way for awareness of the importance of these rights and provide a good foundation for their specific realization. Moreover, the study shows how vital farmers’ rights are to local and indigenous communities and to the maintenance of plant genetic diversity in agriculture.

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