Biodiversity and Bussiness in Latin America





Rubino, Michael C. ; Propper de Callejon, Diana ; Lent, Tony, 2000, Biodiversity and bussiness in Latin America, International Finance Corporation, Washington D.C.


“Biodiversity businesses” represents a new and dynamic partnership. This alliance between business and conservation interests offers enormous potential benefits for all humankind. Like traditional businesses, biodiversity enterprises seek to earn a profit. At the same time, they make a deliberate effort to conserve biological diversity through the sustainable use of environmental products in sectors such as forestry, agriculture, and tourism. If their record in Latin America is any indication, these businesses are booming. But the industry is still in its infancy and in need of new sources of capital. This report outlines (a) the business and conservation rationale for investing in such businesses and (b) some of the investment opportunities in biodiversity-linked markets.

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