Biodiversity Access and Benefit–Sharing Policies for Protected Areas. An Introduction





Laird, Sarah; Johnston, Sam; Wynberg, Rachel; Lisinge, Estherine; Lohan, Dagmar (2003). Biodiversity Access and Benefit–Sharing Policies for Protected Areas, An Introduction. UNU/IAS, Tokyo, Japan.


The report’s objective is to assist protected area managers in addressing these rapidly evolving issues.It considers the role and value of bioprospecting and its relation to protected areas, and examines the potential of bioprospecting in tapping into nontraditional sources of funding, a need many protected area managers face. The report also reviews the international and national policy context for ABS and outlines some of the key issues that protected area managers need to consider in developing their ABS policies. The report concludes with specific recommendations that aim to assist protected area managers in grappling with this complex field.
Development of this report is part of the wider programme on biodiversity at the UNU Institute of Advanced Studies. UNU/IAS was established in 1996 as a research and training centre of the United Nations University to undertake research and postgraduate education on emerging issues of strategic importance for the United Nations and its Member States. Pursuant to its Statute, UNU/IAS undertakes its work in an independent, neutral, and objective manner. A key purpose of the Institute is to promote the interactions between the UN System and the academic community. UNU/IAS’ work is currently focusing a significant amount of its efforts on research of international biodiversity policy, with a particular emphasis on ABS issues.

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