Access to Genetic Resources in Latin America and the Caribbean: support tools for implementation





Rios, M. and Mora, A. (Eds.). 2014. Access to Genetic Resources in Latin America and the Caribbean: support tools for implementation. IUCN-UNEP/ GEF-ABS-LAC. Quito, Ecuador. 64 pp.


This contribution is the latest in a series of four publications of the IUCN-UNEP/GEF-ABS-LAC Regional Project, and aims to briefly summarize the most useful support tools during implementation and which are, in some cases, the product of results achieved. It should also be noted that Latin America and the Caribbean are regions with extensive experience in the field of ABS, standing out on the one hand for their negotiation efforts of the international regime that led to the Nagoya Protocol, and on the other hand for the different case studies; the insights of indigenous peoples and local communities, and the development of researchers. In the future, the dissemination of the achievements at the regional level will hopefully contribute to the challenges in other countries, which is why the lessons learned and the knowledge are shared.The \"Strengthening the Implementation of Regimes of Access to Genetic Resources and Benefit Sharing in Latin America and the Caribbean\" Project (IUCN-UNEP / GEF-ABS-LAC Regional Project), is characterized by grouping different support tools related to the issue of Access and Sharing of Benefits Derived from the Utilization of Genetic Resources (ABS) since July 2011; all of which are available on its web site (www.adb. The main users of this means of virtual communication are those who require information about ABS, as well as the national focal points of the project, authorities and stakeholders of the eight participating countries, namely: Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Guyana, Panama, Peru and Dominican Republic.

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