Decision adopted by the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on biological Diversity




The document defines the decision adopted within the Conference of the Parties number 13 (COP 13) held in Cancun, Mexico, from December 4th to 17th, 2016, on agenda item 10 related to the progress towards the achievement of  Aichi Biodiversity Targets 11 and 12  (which focus on the improvement the situation of biological diversity by safeguarding ecosystems, species and genetic diversity).
Prior to this meeting, IUCN called the Conference to "convey to the governments the urgent need to increase their ambition and commitment, and to carry out specific actions to achieve all the Goals of all the Strategic Objectives", according to the position paper of the organization.
In the eleven points of the document, the parties are invited to take several real actions to protect areas of great importance for biodiversity. The document also stresses the importance to carry out systematic evaluations of management effectiveness and results in protected areas; to apply best practices to identify territories and areas conserved by indigenous people and local communities; to update the global database on protected areas, among other actions.

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