Nature Based Solutions for Human Resilience. A Mapping Analysis of IUCN’s Ecosystem Based Adaptation Projects (EbA).






IUCN is extensively involved in supporting climate change adaptation, with a specific focus on Ecosystem based Adaptation (EbA). This is directly aligned with IUCN’s commitment to Nature based Solutions as a part of its overall vision and mission.
In order to fully define IUCN’s approach to adaptation an EbA Learning Framework has been developed. The objective is to systematically document and glean learning from the rich knowledge being generated through the world wide implementation of EbA related projects. The goal is to initiate a process of providing evidence based knowledge on EbA and its effectiveness.

This initial rapid assessment of IUCN’s project portfolio, undertaken with the support of the Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit, indicated that IUCN had 64 projects which directly or indirectly contribute towards adaptation. Later, through the present initiative, a concentrated effort has been undertaken to map the projects in order to learn from the various EbA related initiatives being implemented or completed in the previous three years. This document contains an analysis of the mapping exercise with the aim that it will contribute to future learning and experience and provide guidance to IUCN’s Nature Based Solutions for Adaptation. This would, moreover, contribute towards an overall approach to integration of climate sensitive planning for the conservation of biodiversity and sustaining ecosystem services for human wellbeing.

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