Thematic Groups: A strategy for capacity building and consolidation


Presents the Thematic Groups that were formed as a strategy for the strengthening of capacities and consolidation of the Amazonian Vision within the Latin American Network of Technical Cooperation in National Parks, other Protected Areas, Wild Flora and Fauna (REDPARQUES).

The Groups are a space for exchanging experiences and technical knowledge and were formed to consolidate the first progress report of the Work Program on Protected Areas (PTAP) (2010) and its update (2011-2015) for the Amazon biome.

They are part of the professional groups of the national systems of protected areas of the eight countries and the French territory.

Explains how these Thematic Groups formed within the framework of REDPARQUES work for the exchange of experiences and the strengthening of technical capacities. In addition, how many meetings have been held, the issues addressed, their achievements and recommendations.


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