Legal and Regulatory Framework for Farm Animal Genetic Resources





Compiled by: Dr. Jürgen Hagmann (Workshop Facilitator) and Jenny Bester (2003). Generating Benefits through Sustainable Use and Conservation of Farm-Animal Genetic Resources in the SADC region: A workshop to explore the Legal and Regulatory Framework for Farm Animal Genetic Resources, SADC, GTZ, FAO, CTA. Maputo, Mozambique


This documentation report documents the workshop which took place in May 20 to 24, 2003. The report here is not a final synthesized report, but tries to capture the crude output of the workshop in a non-interpreted way as a base for shaping the final report.
Rural people use and manage biodiversity - natural biodiversity and agro biodiversity - to support their livelihoods. Through generations of innovation and experiment, they have nurtured a diversity of plants and animals - wild and domesticated - and accumulated a rich knowledge of this managed biodiversity. The process of learning, experiment and innovation is still alive in much of the world. This workshop was jointly organized by SADC, GTZ, FAO and CTA. Its organizers share the conviction that farm animal genetic resources play a critical role in the economies and livelihoods of rural people. Farm animal genetic diversity allows them to adapt to local conditions, and it is essential for food security, sustainable increased production and income generation.

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