ADB LAC Project

This project aims to ensure that the principles of conservation, sustainability, equity and justice of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in regards to access and benefit sharing and the protection of traditional knowledge are incorporated in the development and implementation of public policies, norms, programs and activities in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The overall objective is to strengthen the capacities of eight countries (Cuba, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Guyana, Panama and Peru) in the Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) region to develop and/or comply with national policy and legal frameworks regarding access to genetic resources, benefit sharing and the protection of traditional knowledge. Project topics will include the prevention of misappropriation or illegal use of genetic resources and traditional knowledge, as well as opportunities to be had from bioprospecting initiatives.

Capacity building under this project will take a practical approach, focusing on knowledge transfer and training, and the use of didactic materials (case studies) together with existing guidelines and tools. Specific objectives of the project include:

Objective 1: To strengthen the capacity of countries to develop, implement and apply the CBD provisions related to access to genetic resources and benefit sharing as well as to traditional knowledge associated to these resources.

Objective 2: To increment the understanding and the negotiation skills of countries regarding
ABS agreements /contracts, in a way that will contribute to align bioprospecting projects and national ABS decisions with the CBD, while also benefit progress under the CBD's International Regime (ABS Protocol)

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